Graphic Designer

michael bruny-groth

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I have turned all of my friends into fledgling typographers and they hate me for it.

My passion for design permeates my everyday life, and my love of sharing knowledge infects everyone I meet. This passion is derived from my obsession with problem solving and efficiency.

I’m almost impossible to embarrass, and my improv comedy training has taught me how to collaborate — I accept what others say and build upon it in a constructive way. I often use my sense of humor to lighten tensions and help clients or team-members get on board with new concepts.

There are a few things that I hold above all others. Inherently intwined with my love of sharing knowledge comes a thirst for it. I can’t sleep without watching at least some segment of a documentary. Lastly, I love sauces. Seriously, a large portion of my BFA thesis involved ketchup.

I was impressed by Michael’s commitment to continuous learning, his passion for sharing knowledge with the team, and his boundless good-humor.”

Whether he is leading a project or supporting, Michael keeps the client’s goals and brand in mind throughout the creative process and adjusts quickly to feedback.”

I’m currently looking for freelance work or a senior design position. Contact me if you’re interested in hiring me or discussing a project you’re working on.

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